Calum McDonald

Hi, my name is Calum McDonald, the founder of South 16.

It has always been a personal ambition of mine to start my own personal theatre company, after weeks of planning the whole logisitical and entrepranurial side of it I assembled the best actors I knew, filled them in on the business plan and set about rehearsing with them. In “Neville’s Island” I will be both directing and acting the part of Angus, the bumbling nerdy character who insencerely conveys externally that he isn’t at all worried about his situatuion but internally he is slowly cracking up.

The reasons I started South 16 are because:

  • I wish to start my acting career at an early age.
  • I feel this will help me to be recognised.
  • I want to give to a charitable cause.
  • I want to gain a sense of real achievement, as we are doing this by choice by ourselves.
  • I have never properly taken the role of director before.
  • It will be amazing fun!

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